रूस की करोड़पति लड़की को हुआ गरीब लड़के से प्यार , भारत आ कर रचाई शादी

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रूस की करोड़ पति लड़की को हुआ गरीब लड़के से प्यार , भारत आ कर रचाई शादी

By now you will have heard that love is blind? But will also see today. Yes, according to reports, a Haryana boy has fallen in love with Russia's millionaire girl. And after that both of them got married too. His love story is very interesting. Which started with Facebook. Let's know how this millionaire girl fell in love with a poor boy living in this small village. The pictures of both of these on social media are also becoming viral. According to reports, Ramesh (name changed?) From Haryana, love of Russia's millionaire girl on Facebook has increased to such an extent that the girl had left India and her family and had come to India, you will be surprised to know that whom For the boy, this millionaire girl has left her home family, the boy is from a very poor family and has just read till 9th. According to the social media, both have married Hindu customs, and the girl wants to stay in India, for the first time to see. That foreign daughter of such a wealthy family has left everything for a poor boy and has reached seven seas, both of whom are not looking at Romeo Juliet. Es love crazy. These Deno couple we That would pray over with his pair bless?